eBay to Build Data Center in Daybreak

ebayThe west side of the South Jordan located Daybreak development has always been earmarked for commercial development, and hi-tech companies seem to be sitting up and taking note. Attracted by Daybreak’s fiber optic infrastructure eBay have already announced plans to open a building in Daybreak’s commerce park.

The project to build a ‘next generation’ data center is expected to create around 50 jobs and will be designed with a focus on reducing its environmental impact. These efficiencies will be generated from a number of technologies incorporated into the mechanical and electrical systems of the facility including a water side economizer that uses outside air to cool water versus motorized chillers and variable speed drives
to run fans and chillers on an on-demand basis. Additionally, rainwater will be used to supply the cooling tower and for landscape irrigation.

Also in the news is that eBay plan to close its Vancouver Canada Service Center and increase the number of employees at its Draper Utah facility.

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