Update on Daybreak’s SoDa Row Village Center

Just a quick update on the shops and restaurants opening for business in Daybreak’s SoDa Row Village center.

Oopsie Daisy Children’s Boutique – Now Open
Guy’s Barber Shop – Now Open
Black Diamond Gymnastics – Now Open
San Gelato Café – November 1st 2009
Classic Cleaners – November 1st 2009
Tio’s Mexican Restaurant – December 1st 2009
The Flower Shop – December 1st 2009
9 Salon and Day Spa – December 15th 2009
Wabi Sabi – December 30th 2009
Zion’s Bank – Summer 2010

There was also supposed to be a bar opening in SoDa Row, but South Jordan put a block on that one (at least that is my understanding). It is not completely dead, but they do need to hook up with a restaurant before they can get the go ahead.

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