2009 Annual Home Prices for Salt Lake County

Only one of the 32 zip codes in Salt Lake County experienced single family home price appreciation in 2009. The Holladay zip code of 84117 increased its single family home median home price 3.32%. The fact that Holladay is one Salt Lake’s more desirable areas is no accident. Areas such as this, The Avenues and Sugarhouse experienced an increase in demand towards the end of the year, which hopefully signals a stabilizing housing market.

Best Performing Single Family Homes Areas
84117 (Holladay) up 3.32%
84105 (Salt Lake City Sugarhouse) down 3.64%
84121 (Cottonwood) down 3.24%
84103 (Salt Lake City Avenues) down 4%

The areas that experienced the largest decrease in median home price were South Jordan 84095, Herriman 84096, and the West Valley City areas 84120, and 84128.

Worst Performing Single Family Home Areas
84095 (South Jordan) down 15.42%
84120 (West Valley City) down 13.16%
84096 (Herriman) down 11.97%
84128 (West Valley City) down 11.41%

Condo prices were all over the place in 2009, depending on where you live, you could have seen either a large increase or decrease in the median home price. Unlike the single family home market multiple zip codes actually experienced median price increases. The best of these were West Valley City 84120, Midvale 84047, and Murray 84107.

Best Performing Areas for Condos
84120 (West Valley City) up 42.92%
84047 (Midvale) up 13.1%
84107 (Murray) up 9.02%
84102 (Salt Lake City) up 4.71%

When we look at the worst performing areas we find that the largest condo market of 84101 (downtown Salt Lake City) performed the worst, declining 30%.

Worst Performing Areas for Condos
84101 (Salt Lake City Downtown) down 30%
84115 (South Salt Lake) down 20.15%
84106 (Salt Lake City) down 14.89%
84096 (Herriman) down 14.78%

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