May 2010 Salt Lake County Home Prices

Fueled by the home buyer tax credits, May 2010 returned the most home sales since June 2009, with a total of 1,219 sales. That’s an increase of just over 20% year on year, and a 6.29% increase compared to last month. The average home price declined 0.63%, to $234,358. The price per square foot ticked up slightly to $100.

Total Sales 1,219
Average List Price $240,336
Average Sale Price $234,512
Sale Vs List 98%
Average Sq. Ft. 2,356
Price Per Sq. Feet $100
Days on Market 73

It looks like that all the people who wanted to take advantage of the tax credit have already closed on their home (homes had to close by the end of June), because looking at the numbers so far June looks like it will see a big drop in the number of homes sold.

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