2010 Annual Salt Lake County Home Prices

The 2010 median home price for a single family home in Salt Lake County declined 5.91% to $220,000. While most areas declined in value, a few of the areas, especially those in the more expensive neighborhoods actually saw their median home prices increase. The zip code that performed the best was 84020 (Draper), which returned an increase of 6.17%. In total just three zip codes had their median price increase:

84020 Draper Up 5.91% $370,000
84124 Holladay Up 5.18% $325,000
84109 Salt Lake City Up 0.35% $285,000

While it seems the more expensive areas saw the best performance, the worst performing zip codes were in some of the less expensive areas of the Salt Lake Valley.

84111 Salt Lake City down 19.28% $145,500
84118 Taylorsville Kearns down 13.41% $149,900
84044 Magna down 13.40% $136,200

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