Why This Fourth Quarter May Not be the Worst Time to Sell Your Home

In the fourth quarter of the year the housing market slows and can cause some sellers to worry if their home hasn’t sold yet, but there is still time to sell.

People typically want to buy a home before the school year starts and the holiday season begins but that does not mean it is a bad time to sell.

In fact, there are some key factors that may help sell your home towards the back end of the year. First while there are fewer buyers, those that are out there tend to be more serious. With this in mind sellers should make the most of any showings, stage their home well and treat each one has a serious selling opportunity.

If you are a buyer, then the fourth quarter maybe an excellent time to look for a new home. Not only is there less competition from other buyers, those sellers that are out there are more serious about wanting to sell.

Because of the current historically low interest rates, this fourth quarter may well see more buyers than normal. Buyers maybe more eager to take advantage of these rates and lock into them while they can, even if it means a move during the holiday season.

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