Using Home Staging to Sell Your Home

Cluttered HomeWhen selling your home it is very important to ensure that both the inside and outside of your home looks it’s very best. Very few buyers have the ability to look through the clutter and mess in order to see how a home could look, they want to be able to see a neat and tidy home that is move in ready. Here are some of the things to watch out for:

  • Fix anything that is broken. All those odd jobs that you have been meaning to do should be done. Fix that sticking door, peeling wall paper, and cracked window. Anything which a buyer might see, and say ‘Well I will have to fix that’, should be fixed. Remember we are trying to give the buyer reasons for buying your property, and not reasons not to buy.
  • De-clutter. All rooms, including storage should be neat and tidy. If you don’t have the room, then consider moving items into rented storage (or a friend’s garage / basement).
  • De-personalize. Some Realtors will tell you to remove all personal items before listing your home for sale (photo’s, trophies etc.), but I believe it’s OK to keep the odd item, as long as it is not excessive.
  • Neutral Décor. A home with neutral décor will usually sell far quicker. A buyer does not want to walk into a house and say ‘Well I will have to repaint that lime green wall’. Neutral décor provides a blank canvas that allows the buyer to visualize your home with their belongings. Also included in this should be the removal of any items that others may find offensive. For example, while you might love that stuffed animal on the wall, others will not, that may well be put off enough to rule out any offer.
  • Make sure every room’s purpose is clear. You know that bedroom / dining room you are using as an office, well you might want to consider changing it back to its intended purpose. This is especially important with smaller homes where space is at a premium.
  • Don’t forget the outside. It is not good enough to just focus on the inside when selling your home; the outside is just as important. Pull those weeds, cut that grass, consider planting some flowers (if it’s the right season), and paint the front door if needed. Remember first impressions count, it would be a shame if the buyer had already made their mind that they did not like the house, even before they have even opened the front door.

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