Why You Should Have a Home Inspection

When you purchase a house it will probably be the single most expensive purchase decision you ever make. Therefore it makes sense that you take the right precautions to ensure that the home will be right for you, and not turn out to be a lemon. One of the best things you can do as part of the home purchase transaction is having a home inspection performed by a qualified professional Salt Lake home inspector. Although not mandatory, we always recommend the buyer perform a home inspection, even for new construction homes.

The home inspection forms part of the purchase contract and allows the buyer to inspect the property to ensure that the home is in good physical condition and there are no nasty surprises. The inspection is performed after a purchase price has been agreed and before the due diligence/home inspection date written into the contract. An inspector visits the home and performs the inspection. Whenever possible we recommend that you join the inspector for the later part of the inspection, so the inspector can go over any concerns they may have. Regardless of if you can attend the inspection or not, the inspector will produce a written report on the property detailing their findings.

So what happens if you find something you are not happy with? Well you have several options. You can go back to the seller and either arrange for the items to be fixed, or for the property purchase price to be reduced. If you cannot come to some sort of agreement or the problems are just too severe then you have the right (if still within the dates set out in the contract) to withdraw from the home purchase.

So in order to limit the risk of inheriting large costly problems, we always recommend the buyer invest a few hundred dollars to perform a Salt Lake Home Inspection.

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