New Daybreak Villages on the Way

Daybreak Utah Sign
If you have visited the Daybreak Utah community recently you will have noticed a large amount of building going on. Of course there is the usual new home construction in the Eastlake and North Shore Villages, but there are also two large parcels of land currently being torn up ready for development. One of them located on the east side of the lake (where the trees were stored) and another on the west side of the lake just south of the Brookside model home village. Well today I found out what these areas will be. Daybreak is building not one, but two new villages.

Creekside Village – Opening in August 2013

This village is located near the Brookside Model Village, sandwiched between two creeks and will feature homes ranging from the $200’s to the $400’s. Village features include a planned pool, 15 acre park (including sports fields), and Bingham Creek Reserve (located in a dry creek bed). The homes in this village will feature larger than usual yards

Lake Village – Opening in September 2013

This village is located on either side of the northern part of the lake (located on a hillside on the west of the lake and a peninsula on the east side). . Homes in this village will include waterside condominiums and single family homes, ranging in price from the $200’s to the $500’s. Home features include lake views, and larger yards with a redesigned more usable yard space.

Map of Daybreak Villages
Map of Daybreak Villages

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