Home Seller Mistakes According to Realtors

ActiveRain recently conducted a poll among Realtors to find out what they thought were the three biggest mistakes made by home sellers. The results of this poll are shown in the below graphic.

* Please note that Realtors were asked to choose their top three choices from a total of 11 options. This means that the total percentages add up to 300% rather than 100%.

Mistakes home sellers make

1. The number one option chosen by Realtors was that the property was overpriced. Now we all what to get the most for our home, but if a property is overpriced it doesn’t matter how nice the home is, the chances are it’s not going to sell. A properly performed comparative market analysis carried out by a Realtor will be able to tell you if your home is overpriced when compared to current listings and recent sales.

2. The second biggest mistake was ‘Showing Availability’. When selling a home Realtor’s must have access to show the property whenever required. If a property is not available for showing when requested, they may not choose to show at a different time, particularly when there are lots of homes to choose from. Of course it may not be the property owners who make showing availability difficult; it is particularly common when the home is occupied by renters who have a vested interest in making sure the property does not sell.

3. Cluttered Space. There are lots of reasons why a home should be de-cluttered before putting in on the market. The fact is that a lot of buyers cannot visualize a space, and this becomes even more difficult when the space is cluttered. Less clutter makes a space look bigger, and it also shows that the sellers care about the homes appearance and are therefore more likely to take good care of the property.

4. Unpleasant Odors. The most common odor complaints are pet and smoke smells, but it can also include food smells, trash (make sure those trash cans are empty), and damp smells. It can also include too much air freshener.

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