Why Should You Test For Radon Gas?

Are you in the process of buying or selling a home? There are many steps that go into a real estate transaction. One thing that can often be overlooked, is making sure the house does not have radon gas. So why should you test for radon gas?

radonRadon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that forms when uranium in soil and rocks decay. It then enters the home through cracks and pores in the foundation and can become a health hazard for you and your family. One of the most important things to note about radon, is that it can be in ANY home. If your neighbor tested and has low levels, that does not mean your house is safe. Radon gas accounts for 70% of all the radiation that Utah residents are exposed to. Prolonged exposure can lead to lung cancer – in fact, its the second leading cause of lung cancer in the US. Radon is odorless and tasteless and can only be detected through testing.

So why is this important during a real estate transaction?

If you are selling a home, it is recommended by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) that each home be tested before it goes up for sell. And when needed, a mitigation system be installed to lower radon levels. This can be used as a positive selling point, and can also protect you from surprise expenses during closing.

If you are the buyer, you should absolutely ensure that your future home is safe for your family. Ask if it already has a radon mitigation system, or if it has been tested for radon. If it has not, the home can be tested for free during the due diligence phase by Utah Radon Services. They will work with realtors to set and pickup the test as well as provide free certified results. This process usually takes 3-5 days and can be done quickly to avoid slowing down the buying process. If high radon levels are found, in most cases the seller will pay for radon mitigation so its at no cost to you.

The realtors at Homes In Daybreak Utah are familiar with the process and can help you test your home, whether buying or selling, for radon gas. Ensure the safety of your family today, test for radon gas for free.

This article was written by Elaine Lewis for Utah Radon Services

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