A Home Inspection Focus on The Basement

basementThe basement of your house can be the source of many problems as you try to sell your home. These problems often affect the value of the home negatively. It is important to be aware of these problems and correct them as soon as possible. Veteran Home Inspectors, a Utah Home Inspector service is well suited to highlight these issues. These problems are listed below.


It is easy to take note of the cracks that are in your foundation. If you small hairline cracking in the basement floor typically that is common curing cracks. Curing or shrinkage cracking also happens at the foundation wall and is typically a vertical hairline crack. These cracks are not considered a structural defect however occasionally they may become a water intrusion point. If you notice some light staining around the cracks that is an indication of periodic water entry and it should be corrected. If you notice any cracking larger then ¼ inch or running along the wall horizontally its best to call a professional for further evaluation.

High Levels of Water.

By virtue that your basement is built on the ground, it is often predisposed to damage from water. Elevated levels of water can be seen in two forms. In unfinished basements, the level of a salt substance called efflorescence should give you an idea of the extent intrusion. If your basement is finished, you can be able to tell the presence of water damage through peeling paint, lifted flooring materials or swollen baseboards. If the basement shows signs of flooding it may be a good idea to test for mold.


A lot of home owners take on the challenge of finishing a basement themselves. DIY can be a great thing. You can earn some sweat equity and have a lot of fun while doing it. While you are inspecting a finished basement it is important to make sure a few simple things have been done properly such as venting the basement bathroom to the exterior and adding GFCI type outlets. If simple details like these were neglected it may be safe to assume other items may not have been finished properly as well.

For Utah residents, your Utah Home Inspector should be able to assess the listed problems and give you a detailed report of the same.

Article Written By Ryan Johnson
Owner and Certified Home Inspector

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