U.S. Population Set to Shrink?

Pregnant WomanA recent government report using 2017 data shows that the U.S. fertility rate is substantially below the level needed to replace the current population.

Figures from the report show that the birth rate across the U.S. was 1,765.5 per 1,000 women, which is some way below the required 2,100 needed to keep at the current population level.

The fertility rate ranged from 2,227 in South Dakota to 1,421 in DC. There were only 2 states that were above the 2,100 level, South Dakota with 2,227 and Utah with 2,120 (no surprise there).

This drop if fertility rate has been common among western countries. In 2016 the fertility rate for women in the U.K. was 1.76, France was 1.90, Canada 1.60, and Germany 1.50. This has led to some drastic measures being taken by Governments, which basically involved paying people to have children. For example, in Canada you can get approx. $5,000 USD per year per child under the age of 6. In other countries like France the Government will allow you to have 1 year off work and get paid by the government for doing it.
Other western countries have relaxed their immigration policy in order to boost their population, especially when it comes to skilled workers.

So, what does this mean for Utah and our population? Well at the moment not a lot, our current fertility rate is above the required level and that does not take into account the influx of people moving into the state.

For more details on the findings, you can read the full report

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