If you live in South Jordan, you may well have seen the sign promoting the opening of a new Costco store on the corner of 104th south and Bangerter Highway. Originally, the store was supposed to open sometime in 2007, but so far, there has been little sign of any building work. So fed up with waiting, I rang the contact telephone number posted on the sign to try and find out what was going on.

Well it turns out that Costco have decided to wait for the expansion work on 104th to be completed before starting the construction on the store. Their current timeframe is for construction to start on the store in April 2009, with completion in September.

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3 Comments to “New Costco on the Corner of 104th S. and Bangerter Highway in South Jordan”

  1. Diana Chase says:

    I love Costco! We drive quite a ways to the nearest Costco – would love to have one on the far west side of the valley!

  2. Mark says:

    I wish they would get on and build it. Still no sign of it been started, I will have to try and find out what the latest is.

  3. doushtie says:

    its being built now

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